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Script Page

Page history last edited by PBworks 14 years, 11 months ago

The Script Will Be Worked on Here:


It is a bit long, but I made sure everybody got a fair role. For your curiosity the word count is:

Niki: 147 words

Yelena: 124 words

Neha: 118 words

Natalie: 111 words

Natasha: 111 words

They are really close!



The script is on the Yoruba Creation myth!



Olorun- rules sky

Orunmilla -wise person, advises Obtala, etc... (gives materials)

Olokun- rules all below sky

Obatala- (important)-main character, creates everything, gets drunk, makes people.

Narrator- narrates



Yelena - Obatala

Neha - Orunmilla

Natalie - Olorun, extra fill-ins

Niki - Narrator

Natasha - Chicken, extra fill-ins



I hope you don't mind, I "colorified" it. -Neha


Narrator: In the beginning, the world was covered with water and marshland.

Natasha: (zoom in on "water" and "marshland") Olorun rules the sky(zoom in on sky, show Olorun ruling sky), and Olokun rules the water and marshland below(same thing as with Olorun).

Narrator: This made another god, Obtala, think.

Obtala: I would really like to have dry land and creatures on the earth. I must go consult Olorun.

Olorun: Welcome Obtala, why are you here? What’s that, you want permission? Very well Obtala, you go and do so.

Narrator: Of course Obtala needed help.

Obtala: Hmm, now how will I make this work? I don’t know how to go about this! I know, I'll go ask Olorun's son, Orunmilla about what to do. He's the god of prophecy, he should know!

Narrator: So off he went to Orunmilla, and he asked what to do.

Orunmilla: Make dry land creatures on earth eh? You will need the following . . . a bag containing a gold chain long enough to reach from the sky to the earth, a snail's shell filled with sand, a white hen, a black cat, and a palm nut. (gives Obatala the items)

Natasha: Here, I’ll donate a piece for the gold chain. By the way, I hear your going to make dry land creatures; I think it’s a great idea! Good luck! You can do it!

Narrator: When he had everything complete, he attached the chain to a corner of sky and started to go down.

Natalie: Oh no, it is still a long way from the ground!

Orunmilla: That is okay. The next phase is to pour the sand from the snail's shell and let the hen go at the same time!

Narrator: The chicken landed on the sand and started scratching and scattering it about the whole world. Everywhere the sand went, land formed

Orunmilla: My prediction was right! Large piles of sand are becoming hills, and small piles are becoming valleys (zoom around park to show mountains and vallieys).

Natalie: Look over here! Obtala is jumping on one of the hills and beginning to dig a hole! He is going to put a palm nut in. I wonder what he’ll do next . . .

Obtala: Let us see, this hill needs to have a name if it is going to turn into a famous place! I shall name this hill . . ., the first ever hill with life . . . "Ife!"

Narrator: With the cat still with him, Obtala sat down. He didn't rest for just moments, he rested for months.

Natasha: I guess you could say he was thoroughly rested . . .

Obtala: I'm so bored, I will just make creatures I feel like creating. Phew! Making clay people is very tiring . . . if I could just make that head jut out a little bit more . . .(plays with play-dough)

Narrator: After said that, Obtala took a break and made palm wine.

Natalie: Wow, that’s a lot of palm wine you’re drinking one after another and another, and another!

Natasha: You seem to have a craving for it!

Orunmilla: I predict this will cause trouble . . .

Obtala: Although I don't feel so well, I still want to make people.

Narrator: Though still making people, his drunkenness made him create deformed people. Not realizing that, he still had Olorun breath life into them.

Natasha: The next day he realized his mistake and became the Protector of the Deformed and never drunk again.

Narrator: The people built huts like Obtala's.

Natalie: The other gods were happy with Obtala's job and visited often. That is . . . all except for Orokun. No, do not ask me why . . .

Orunmilla: . . . and I predict that will fall into another story with rivalry.

Narrator: Soon Ife became a city that prospered.

Natasha: Wow, it’s rather nice here with land animals. Much more active, seeing as it only used to have plants and not much activity. Obatala sure did a good job!

Narrator: And thus, land animals were formed

* Silence *

Orunmilla: I predict that’s the end!






Hey, it works! Five people Five Jobs!!!(Oh, and we still need someone to be the chicken) -Neha

Toy chicken? -Yelena

Okay, but I still say it will look more fun with a person as a chicken. -Neha

We can have the chicken be another lesser character...-Yelena

We can cut one out after printing it on the computer. i found a great huge picture of one and it is on the

links page.-Niki

Let's make images instead of acting... -Yelena

Hey, I finally finished the script, Yelena! -Natalie


Images (shall later be put into script)

http://web0.greatbasin.net/~wigand/petespaleo/Stillwater%20Marsh.jpg -Yelena

http://www.godchecker.com/_godpix/African/OLOKUN.gif -Yelena


http://mgonline.com/palmprincess01.jpg -Neha

http://www.pasticheofcapecod.pointshop.com/ImgUpload/P_761385_802931.jpg -Neha

http://www.little-eagle.com/Valleys.jpg -Neha

http://www.goldringsandthings.co.uk/images/chain.jpeg -Neha

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Anonymous said

at 12:36 pm on Mar 3, 2006

Natalie and I have to start working on our project...
Neha has to... er.... uh.... work with Natasha on the PowerPoint project
Niki has to organise everything.... she can mail order a chicken too. (joking)

Anonymous said

at 6:24 pm on Mar 7, 2006

I cant start the powerpoint without the storyboard for it. We'll have to work on that next time we meet.

Anonymous said

at 7:54 pm on Mar 11, 2006

you were supposed to put up the story board!!!

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