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PowerPoint Plans

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Power Point Plans


Yelena's Plan

Introduction to Yoruban Mythology

Important Youruba Cities


Natalie's Plan



destruction myth.doc


Neha's Plan

What's going to be on the Power Point:

Mythology Project, Gods.doc


What I'm going to say (same order of gods as other one):

Mythology Project 2.doc

Niki's Plan

African Major Gods (First Five)

Natasha's Plan



•       natasha_myth_project_1





Yelena, you did a great job. the only thing I noticed was a small typo in the begining of your script.-Niki

Okay, I'll fix the typo. It was probably my mistake.-Natalie

No Natalie, I ment in the stuff she will say infront of the class! Not you. Sorry for the confussion.-Niki

Oh! I get it! It's okay okay okay, Niki.-Natalie

We can always fix typos later, no need to get all "posty" because of them. (a.k.a. posting a message) -Yelena

Sorry Yelena.-Niki

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