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Neha's Research

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☻ Neha's Research Page!☻



Sources Used:

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Response: 03/21/06

We have got so much done since last time I responded! We all have the written parts ready, have started on piecing together our power point, and we have done the filming for our myth. The written parts were easy enough to do, as we had done plenty of research and made a thorough storyboard. I am an expert when it comes to Microsoft word, but power point is scarcely ever used! I have only done an average of one Power Point project per year, which is not a lot considering the amount of work I do everyday on Word. The buttons and formatting is similar to that of Word, so we are not currently having any problems.

The filming however is a whole different story! Finding a time that worked for everybody, and transportation to get to the filming place was all Niki’s job, and she did awesome! Just two days before the filming was supposed to take place, the dialogue was complete. Upon looking at it, I knew it was not fair, for Niki and Yelena had the most speaking lines while Natalie and Natasha barely had any! To fix the equality of roles, I had to lengthen the script quiet a bit, because we still had to tell the whole story. When that was finally done, we turned over to the props.

Thankfully, Niki had a mask we could be used as a template for making other masks, and Yelena and Natasha had a black cat and a gold chain. Natalie was not sure whether her mom would allow her to use the snail shell and we desperately needed a chicken mask! While searching around to bring what I could, I spied my sister’s chicken mask from the chicken dance she did at the Golden Jubilee! Great, that just left the snail shell, which I knew we had, but not where it was. Bringing down some heavy boxes, I finally found it, resting at the bottom.

The next day at school, we realized that we had not had any time to memorize the lines! But we had an idea, if we printed the script out in a really big font, we could see it as we spoke if the cameraman would hold it up! Just on the big day, it started to pour outside, and considering we wanted to film at Central Park, this was not good news! But the weather turned out to be nice after all, and it cleared up as soon school was out. This was perfect because we needed the setting to look like a marshland! In Niki’s car, we had to mold clay for Yelena to use in one of her scenes, and got clay all over our fingers! One of the girls had a water bottle so this was easily cured. The wind was not too favorable, but the acting went as smoothly as possible. Even some local ducks willingly helped us for one of the scenes!

Next day at school, we noted that Apple would not read the disc that had everything on it, but Niki said her dad could fix it. Meanwhile, as I look back at the events, I seemed to have learned something: do not worry if something is not going your way, chances are that it will turn out to be even better!

Response: 03/16/06

Africa is such and interesting topic to learn about. Sure enough, there are more than 100 myths and folktales! It is aslo fascinating to see how different people, isolated from each other, came up with the same ideas. I know for a fact that Zeus is the mighty king in Greek mythology, and Olorun sounds kind of like him. I get the feeling and African mythology has "dissolved" over time. Many of the gods' origins are not known, and they are called something different in almost each country. I also wonder why Egyptian mythology is so different from the rest of Africa. In Egypt, some of the gods are, basically, animals. In African mythology, I only know of Anansi, who is a spider, and the other gods are immortal beings. Africa is so big, that there are about 50 creation myths alone! It was really hard focusing on a simpler subject, and I understand where the kids in Ms. March's class need help. Even after getting all the information, organizing it, picking out the important details, and finding a way to present them was another story. Natalie did a really good job making the family tree. I know how hard it was to find gods that were related. Sometimes, the site even said that it was not known if a particular god was another god's wife, or sister!

Setting up a wiki was the best thing we did for sharing our work. With special pages for each person, and creating blogs, we were able to get a lot more done than I thought. I also got around to learning more html (before I had no clue that <font color=red> will get you this)! I'm frustrated that we are not able to use background colors, as our sites will be much more pleasing to the eye as well.

Our story board was a little harder to make, seeing as five people are never going to settle for only one style! Once that was completed, our whole project started coming together. Slowly but surely, our powerpoint presentation is coming into focus, and hopefully our imovie will turn out okay too! If only we had more time! I had great ideas on more interactive things we could get in our power point, but seeing as it is due in the last week of March, we are not going to get to it. Our assembly of the Power Point will take place tomorrow. We should get just about done with it. I think our project will turn out great!




►Mrs Miller's mythology page said that we need to say how the world is going to be destroyed. Here's a myth from the Yoruba Tribe (from Southwest Nigeria).◄


Destruction Myth: Yoruba

Ifa was a god whose job was to help mankind interpret the desires of humans. After many, many years, Ifa got tired of living on Earth, with the mankind, and went up to the sky with Obatala. Without this helper, humans could not understand what the gods wanted of them. One particular god, Olokun (god of the sea) went beyond angry. He destoyed the world and everybody in the world by creating one, huge flood.





0.25 Olorun - (a god I think we should do) The top sky king, god of peace, justice and the Yoruban way. (people say he is secretly married to Olokun)

0.5 Olokun - (another god I think we should do) God of Sea, swam with fish maidens, some people claim he is a sea goddess and married Olorun (I do not get this part).

1. Shango - God of Thunder, Dance, and Drums. Special Number is 6, special colors are red and white, loves dogs (likes roosters and turtles). Can be heard crying "Cabio Sile Shango" when there is thunder. Likes to eat bananas,apples, cornmeal, okra, red wine and rum (his special feast day is the 4th of December). Loyal, protective, not on good terms with Ogu (his brother).

2. Abassi - God of the Sky, Creator God, created humans (lets just say then the humans discovered how to make more of themselves and were soon doing the creating), so he introduced the concepts of arguement and death to keep humans from overpopulating (I'm getting Efik god, not Youruba -Neha)

3. Bumba - Creator (of Vomit, yes, vomit! (Yuck!))

4. Obatala - Sky, Creator God (who did not get a chance to create; See myth HERE)

5. Eshu - Trickster God, offers advice (to make things go your way), carrys complaints to the Gods, good sense of humor, keeps life interesting.

6. Orishas - Guardian Sprits, highly thought of, and seen as great spirits (see myth HERE).

7. Yemaya - mother of water and child birth, color preferances of blue and crystal, does not like salt (un-Yelena-ish) so she floats over the water, not in it, also a moon goddess, likes the number 7.

8. Anansi - Trickster, sneaky, tricky, sly, and crafty. Creator god, made the sun and moon like the idea of day and night. (also known is some areas as Aunt Nancy)

9. Elegua - trickster like Eshu, but he serves higher gods like Olorun, likes cigars and rum, good with children, colors are red and black.

10. Azrail - God of death, became depressed after living for 500 years . . . (I'm getting that he is a Tunisia god, not Yoruba)




Why There's Light and Day

In a world where there was dim light all day long, there once was a woman who was not blessed with a single child. She sat moping for days, but was quick to learn that there was a medicine man who could give her luck. She journeyed to him, but got told that the babies currently being born were bad. However, the imploring woman was desperate, and soon gave birth to an ill-tempered baby boy. As a young man, the boy decided to dispose of all people that tried to make him good. He sought a magician that gave him a charm of darkness. There was also a woman in the village that had a charm of light. The enemies fought until they died, and their charms are currently still in work.




Creation Myth: Fans

At first, there existed only god Nzame. He created elephants, leopards, and monkey. However, he felt something essential was missing. The god then came up with an immortal creature he liked to call Fam. Fam was told to rule, but the nature of him was to be greedy. Nzame destroyed all living things (except for Fam) and tried again. This time, a fresh layer of earth was applied, and a blossoming tree grew right in the middle. Leaves that had fallen on water turned into fish, and those of land to animals. Nzame then created a mortal, Sekume, and his wife Mbongwe from trees. They mortals had a Gnoul (body) and Nissim (soul). Their Nissim is born from the Gnoul, but continues to live on forever, even after the Gnoul meets its end.



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