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Natasha's Research

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Natasha's Research!





This is the picture that I have found for our powerpoint


Natashagod(shango and others)reaserch

The yourban religion is like an onion. The most important things like their religion are at the very center of the onion.

The mighty creator, Oloddumare is at the center of this yourban onion. Oloddumare created pots or Ashes in which there is a creative force which is used to maintain part of the totality of creation. There is also a creative force for the creative genders.

Oloddumare thought and when he thought he thought matter so that matter came to be known as Olorun. Olorun is also the center of the adobe or the onion.

It is said that since Oloddumare is a he so that when he thought about matter that matter became a she, because male thinking generates a female thinking and vice versa. The name of the thinking creating matter in Olorun is known as nana baruku, or the Grandmother of all the divinities. She has many many other names but is commonly known as nana barucu or the grandmother.

Nana barucu gave birth to two eggs named Mawa and Lissa. In the story of creation it is this egg that gives rise to everything else. This creation myth starts out like this:


Before there was day,

before there was night,

and before there was a Universe,

All things lived in harmony in Olorun, The Cosmic Heavens,

located in the realm of Ikode Orun.

The Giant Egg that sat in the center of Nothingness.


The seed of this egg was Lissa and the egg was Mawa. These are called the first or great divinities or the Irunmole. It was the Irunmole who decided that the wanted to expand the universe. They went to Oloddumare and told him of their decision and then debated the matter. The conclusion was that if the universe is to expand then something must bind it. So they created Oshumare, the rainbow serpent. But Oloddumare said,

"Someday, Oshumare will become hungry and will begin to devour its own tail. When that happens then all that is, was and will be returned to the center, uncreated as quickly as it was created. So be it." Now it is believed that this serpent sits around the world and binds it with 3500 coils above and 3500 below.

It was then that the Irunmole began to create the universe and the gods. They created minor and major gods. The minor gods are called the Orishas. In all there are 1001 great Orishas. It was them that created the planet with the life on it or in other words the planet earth. They also created Ayizan who in turn created the other humans. After the 1001 humans that she made died, they turn into the kindly guiding spirits or the lesser Orishas.

Finally the Orishas created the world as we know it, with the most important humans, the ones who can talk with them and with the denziens of the spirit world in general, called Elders who are the Spiritual Leaders. The come the Law keepers and Teachers, then the followers of Ifa, and then those who do not believe


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