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Natalie's Research

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Natalie's Research


Cited sources for Picture:

“The Permaculture Activist.” http://www.permacultureactivist.net/pcresources/Pc

Resources2.htm (28 March 2006).












Yoruba Creation Myth




YOUR wiki page: Write about what you've been learning in class during lit. circle discussion,

making your wiki, making a storyboard, working in a group, iMovie, PowerPoint, etc. Also, write

about how you FEEL about what you're learning.

During the process of gathering information of Yoruban gods, goddesses, and myths, I learned so much more about other cultures. I learned about the way that other people portrayed how they saw the world, which amazed me. Although it may have sounded silly compared to the knowledge we have gained today, but it seemed to have made so much sense to the Yorubans, because it kind of all fit together. For example, they believed that deformed people were caused by a god who got drunk after drinking too much palm wine. The myth explained how the god did not know what he was doing, but he still wante dto make people. The Yorubans believed in this because at the time, it made so much sense to them since they did not know much about today's scientific achievements, so they made stories that they thought explained most of the reason in the world. In the end, I was able to learn about new things, and how others picture the world and how things happened.

While using the wiki, I learned not only a new way of successfully communicating to my group members, but also how to do certain things on the computer, such as making a box around my text, changing font color, making certain things bold, and so on. I was able to learn how the upload files and also how the put up pictures. These factors that I learned help me to be more organized with my work on the wiki while collaborating with my group memebers.

Making the storyboard with my group helped us better plan and organize our iMovie and Powerpoint.

Working as a group was fun because my group was very cooperative and wer were able to successfully get all of our work done. We helped each other out and guided each other on how to do things we were confused with. By working as a team, we were able to not only get along well, but also finish a lot of work.

Although we have not completed our iMovie yet, I am sure it will turn out as we planned because we were able to make a thourough storyboard.

I am positive that the storyboard will turn out fine because our group members have completed all the work we were assigned on doing. When we put all of our work together, they will complement each other well, because after planning everything on our storyboard, we know how our information will flow and how it can work together.|


It was believed that in the beginning of the world, there was nothing but a vast ocean view that reached heaven. One day, after hard thinking, The Great God reached inside of him, drawing out a son named Odudua.

He then told his son to place a world unpon the ocean. Odudua tied a golden chain long enough to reach just the very surface of the ocean. He held a chicken and snail shell full of sand as he descended down the chain. He poured the sand out of the shell and into the water.

As he did that, he dropped the chicken and it started scratching the sand about the whole world. Everywhere the sand landed, hills and mountains formed. Then, planted a chesnut, Odudua covered the hills with trees and grass, creating the world.

Odudua planted his foot on one of the hills and declared that it was named "Ife." Soon, Ife prospered and other humans and animals began to live there with Odudua ruling, and then his descendants.

Information source: http://library.thinkquest.org/03oct/00875/text/YorubaC.htm


The Destruction Myth

When the Great Divinities, the Irunmola, were created, they decided to expand the universe. They went to Oloddumare, the great creator, and there he debated the topic. He said that that to have an expanding universe, then something will have to hold it together. To do so, the Oshumare (Rainbow Serpent) was created. He laid around the universe to firmly hold it together. But, when the Oshumare gets hungry starts eating his own tail, the world will become uncreated and fall apart. It will all return to the center.

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