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The Information


The information that everyone finds can be put here and shared with the whole group.




Major Myths -Yelena

  • Creation myths of various countries which are usually two gods (one of sky, and one of earth) creating humans, then a landscape for the humans.

  • The Yoruba Creation myth... Ashe thinks and creates Nana, who thinks of an egg that creates everything else. Etc. The myth.

  • The god Eshu selling posing as a merchant and selling items to a man's two wives.

  • Olokun trying to take over the world with a flood.

  • Bumba vomiting up the world (Comment: I don't think we should do an IMovie on this one. -Neha)

  • The other Yoruba creation myth, the gold chain, chicken, sand, a snail shell, and a tree in a bag.


What We Have Got So Far!

Major Gods

Major Gods by Niki, Info by Neha


1. Shango - God of Thunder, Dance, and Drums. Special Number is 6, special colors are red and white, loves dogs (likes roosters and turtles). Can be heard crying "Cabio Sile Shango" when there is thunder. Likes to eat bananas,apples, cornmeal, okra, red wine and rum (his special feast day is the 4th of December). Loyal, protective, not on good terms with Ogu (his brother).

2. Abassi - God of the Sky, Creator God, created humans (lets just say then the humans discovered how to make more of themselves and were soon doing the creating), so he introduced the concepts of arguement and death to keep humans from overpopulating (I'm getting Efik god, not Youruba -Neha)

3. Bumba - Creator (of Vomit, yes, vomit! (Yuck!))

4. Obatala - Sky, Creator God (who did not get a chance to create; See myth HERE)

5. Eshu - Trickster God, offers advice (to make things go your way), carrys complaints to the Gods, good sense of humor, keeps life interesting.

6. Orishas - Guardian Sprits, highly thought of, and seen as great spirits (see myth HERE).

7. Yemaya - mother of water and child birth, color preferances of blue and crystal, does not like salt (un-Yelena-ish) so she floats over the water, not in it, also a moon goddess, likes the number 7.

8. Anansi - Trickster, sneaky, tricky, sly, and crafty. Creator god, made the sun and moon like the idea of day and night. (also known is some areas as Aunt Nancy)

9. Elegua - trickster like Eshu, but he serves higher gods like Olorun, likes cigars and rum, good with children, colors are red and black.

10. Azrail - God of death, became depressed after living for 500 years . . . (I'm getting that he is a Tunisia god, not Yoruba)

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