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Welcome to the Africa Homepage!

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Our Powerpoint Presentation



Readers, Please Note: We are not specialists in the area of African mythology, we are not a 100% source of information on the mythology. We are just relaying the information we found in order to create a project.


What are we here for?

The Hyde African Mythology group has their own wiki to organize their thoughts and basically the whole project. Members: Yelena, Niki, Neha, Natasha, and Natalie. Everyone can add and help this project thrive!



Yelena Need Help? Have comments?
If you need help or have questions, copy and paste this with your question. Or plea for help.
Comments: 2/2/2006


Neha Folktales VS. MYTHS
Folktales are myths aren't they? I can find a thousand folktales, but just a few myths (well actually, they're all the African versions of how the world began).
Comments: One of our africa links says: They [myths] are not Folktales which are told for entertainment, and perhaps to instruct in morality, nor are they legends which are the cultures history put in story form. -Yelena 2/5/2006
They are the same as far as I know. - Niki 2/3/2006
I'm going to research folktales and summarize them, just in case we decide to use them. (PS: What is all this about vomiting up the world?) -Neha 02/08/06


Yelena African Myths
There are lots of different tribe's myth's so what do we do?
Comments: 2/5/2006
Let's try to find the most common or most popular stories.-Niki 2/7/2006


Neha Background Color
I did something to the background color (see borders of the page). Does anybody know what the "box" wiki provided us (that is the part that is still white on our front page) is called?




Natalie God relations
I've decided to stick to just Yoruban Gods, seeing that I already made a rought draft family tree of them....I just wanted to say:Thank you Niki, for getting that link of the gods! It would have been really difficult without your link you found!-Natalie




Natasha god(shango and others)reaserch
since you guys already decided to do the god Shango, I(finally!)did some reasearch on him and other gods and if you come and look at my page then you will find some backround on him and other gods.*P.S. You might not want to read the whole thing. It might bore you!-Natasha Bhatt




Niki Replacements
Because some gods were from other cultures, how will we know who should replace them? Does this make sense-Niki 2/25/2006


Natalie God relations
Making god relations is really complicated! Sometimes it doesn't say which gods are related to which...is it all right if just stick to what I had before? (Just the important Yoruban God Relations) 2/25/2006


Natalie God relations
Everytime I tried to look for Yoruban monsters, nothing useful actually turns up! Did anybody accidentally find good links I could use? 2/25/2006


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